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Pure Logic installs

our own 100% SIP 3Com VCX phone system with remote phones...
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Microsoft renews contract

with Pure Logic as parter for the next year...
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Off-site data storage,
providing a secure remote location for your Company's critical data. Part of disaster recovery planning.
System security plans,
which cover aspects such as viruses, intruder detection, password security and Company Policy manuals.
How do we provide a solution?
By listening. Then asking questions, and repeating the process until a plan is formulated.
The solution for your Company will be a collaboration of your knowledge of the business you are in, and our knowledge of how technology will fit into your business model.
After meeting with you, probably more than once, Pure Logic will provide a detailed plan on implementing the solution we have both designed.
When the project is complete, our ongoing relationship will include the proper support contract to maintain the new solution.
The Microsoft family of products have been installed by Pure Logic at many clients. Microsoft Server 2003 along with Exchange is a strong foundation for your business file, print and communication needs.
If your requirements are a new network, upgrade or migration from an existing system, we've most likely completed a similar project before.
Phone system convergence? The 3Com NBX phone system, a richly featured phone system for your office. The IP capable phone system allows remote phones, voicemail forwarded to your email, easy phone moves and remote management. Stop by our office to see it in action!
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