Use the link below to access to the remote support page. Have the client on the phone through the initial process, generate a security code and proceed.

Remote Support

Pure Logic installs

our own 3Com NBX phone system with remote phones...
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Novell renews contract

with Pure Logic as an Authorized Reseller for the next year...
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Virus and Spam Protection:
The Pure Logic antivirus and spam protection service is now installed at many clients, look under the documents section in the Technical Library for a customer brochure.

Server Imaging Test Project:
The server imaging test project discussed at a recent staff meeting is now in full production. All Pure Logic and client hosted servers image to a central backup drive. The servers rotate base and incrementals not to overlap the larger base backup and overload the backup drive. Stop by our server room to review the setup.

Our new 3Com NBX Phone system has been upgraded to the latest release of the software. The new software supports remote phones behind a firewall running NAT. We've tested two phones remotely through the Internet. The results have been excellent. All voicemails should be setup to forward to your email account, any issues, please notify the office and we'll resolve it.

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